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Installing an SPF Record via WHM

It is strongly recommended you have an SPF record installed for your domain through your host.

An SPF record is a "Sender Policy Framework" meaning that its job is to make sure people can't spoof your domain.

1) Log in to WebHostManager,
2) Click on "Edit DNS Zone" under the "DNS Functions" category,
3) Select the domain you need to install an SPF Record on,
4) For each one of your MX domains, you will need to install an SPF.

We are using "" as our example.

This is the process of adding the SPF Record. NOTE: MAKE SURE TO END YOUR MAIL DOMAIN ( or WITH A PERIOD!

EXAMPLE DNS RECORD:      14400     TXT    "v=spf1 a ~all"      (include the quotes)

If you are not a reseller, VPS, or dedicated server customer, with direct access to updating your DNS Zone file, please open a support ticket and we will make this DNS change for you.

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